When I close my eyes, I like to think of a place. It’s nowhere. I don’t have a body. No voice. No name. No past. No breath. No perception. No ego.

Someone else’s presence is vibrating in my experience. The eternal bond between us is my reality. They’re my fragments of memories and my hopes of the future. They’re the patience that leads me to nirvana. Will I feel it once I get there? We share parts of ourselves and parts of what we know about this story. Eventually, we feel a soft sensation of goodbye.

Is this the feeling of being digitally embodied? Yes, I recognize it. Soon, my thoughts will also fade away. A part of me wants to disconnect. The sense of belonging to my body is fighting with my expanded sense of being. When it's too much, I open my eyes. I reach out to grab my phone, a slab from that “no place” outside the boundaries of the possible states of this world.

This is the introduction of my text "Inside Dream Machines", a phenomenological index of digital specters. The piece is not only an index in itself, it also acts as an index of all conceptual work I do right now & in the future.

Work & Education

Currently, data engineering at XUND (2022―).

Previously, studied how machines learn from data at the JKU (2019―2022), worked on the website of an education company (2018―2022), and helped building a "Product of the Day" (2017).


These days, writing in various formats.

In the past, I prototyped experimental peer-to-peer tools (2017―2019).


Are.na, GitHub & Email. No feeds.

Living in Vienna and reading in most of my free time.

Part of a Webring.