11:42 PM
i can't fall asleep
i know your notifications are on
00:16 AM
the other day i dreamt of a cybernetic god
maybe because i was researching mystics and their visions for the whole week?
and I'm trying to find God everywhere.
00:29 AM
it was talking to me about systems that are constantly destructing and reshaping what we call reality
i was like
Where is reality? Can you show it to me?
if you know what i mean 😂
but then it showed me unfolding spirals of construction and destruction, and said in a soothing voice that i should look beyond this dichotomy if i want to understand what's about to happen to me 😐 then my thoughts woke me up
there's beauty in this, no? and there's power in beauty.
"to channel this power towards the right semiotic and material flows is to find the right symbols that can fill in the empty spaces left in the language of contemporary humanities" (?)
01:06 AM
good night.
(2022) Cybernetic Self-Portrait, an ongoing reading of the diagram of the cybernetic self.


These days, writing in various formats about the shifts between perception and comprehension.

In the past, I prototyped experimental peer-to-peer tools (2017―2019).

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Currently, data & machine learning engineering at XUND (2022―).

Previously, studied how machines learn from data at the JKU (2019―2022), worked on the website of an education company (2018―2022), and helped building a "Product of the Day" (2017).


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