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Currently Reading

Albert Camus― "The Plague"


Ádám Bodor ― "Sinistra körzet"
Ian McEwan ― "The Cockroach"
Peter Gelderloos ― "Anarchy Works"
Haruki Murakami ― "After Dark"
Beatriz Colomina & Mark Wigley ― "Are We Human? ― Notes on an Archaeology of Design"
P. D. James ― "The Children of Men"
Samuel Scheffler ― "Death & the Afterlife"
James P. Carse ― "Finite and Infinite Games"
Stephen Hawking ― "A Brief History of Time"
Haruki Murakami ― "The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle"
Jón Kalman Stefánsson ― "Fish Have No Feet"
Haruki Murakami ― "What I Talk About When I Talk About Running"
László Krasznahorkai ― "Sátántangó" / "Satantango"
Péter Esterházy ― "Hasnyálmirigynapló"
Haruki Murakami ― "Kafka on the Shore"
Rainer Maria Rilke ― "Letters To A Young Poet"
Martin Heidegger ― "The Question Concerning Technology"
Haruki Murakami ― "Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End Of The World"
Franz Enzenhofer ― "Understanding SEO"
Yuval Noah Harari ― "Homo Deus"


Attila Bartis ― "A Nyugalom"
László Potozky ― "Éles"
Jean-Paul Sartre ― "Nausea"
Imre Madách ― "Az Ember Tragédiája" / "The Tragedy of Man"
Alain de Botton ― "Essays on Love"
Michel Houellebecq ― "The Map and the Territory"
Arthur Schopenhauer ― "The Metaphysics of Love"
Kurt Vonnegut ― "Slaughterhouse-Five"
László Potozky ― "Égéstermék"
Michel Houellebecq ― "The Possibility of an Island"