Beaker Browser is an experimental web-browser for collectively shaping the peer-to-peer web. Everyone can share their websites and applications without additional infrastructure, instead other peers connect directly to one's computer via the Dat protocol.

In the past I've built a few applications that explore some of the possibilities of the peer-to-peer web. These tools are meant as user-facing examples, focusing on certain powers of the peer-to-peer web over the HTTP one, with the hope to inspire better tools and more people to join.

For an overview you can watch my talk about some basic introduction to DAT at a small peer-to-peer event in Brussels.

The tools

  1. Pears ― A peer-to-peer, temporary, collaborative playlist, 2018―2019
  2. present ― Peer-to-Peer text-to-presentation tool, 2018
  3. seeder ― Plug-and-play Raspberry Pi DAT seeder[1], 2018
  4. ridder ― An experimental RSS reader that lives on your computer and that you can share, 2018
  5. solo ― The simplest publication tool[2], 2018
  6. orkl ― Simple peer-to-peer blogging site where the writer and readers share the same interface[2:1], 2018
  7. ntain ― Early Beaker Browser experiment on sharing files directly from your computer, 2017

  1. Together with the New Computers Working Group ↩︎

  2. You can read more about orkl and solo in this entry ↩︎ ↩︎