1. Surf the waves of life.
  2. Your past is only there to inspire you.
  3. There's so little to do in the present, do it with attention and without regrets.
  4. Don't chase your future, let it flow to you.
  5. There are things that you can leave for tomorrow and there are things that you can't.
  6. Never stop breathing, thinking, loving and learning.
  7. Own little and only tools that are simple, functional and make you feel satisfied.
  8. Balance the incoming and outgoing streams of knowledge, kindness and creativity.
  9. Minimize your dependencies.
  10. Live in your time and environment, avoid other people's.
  11. Your mind is an environment.
  12. Speak in poetry.
  13. To think for yourself you must question authority.
  14. Plan for your 80s.
  15. Don't be fooled by infinities like immortality, eternity and perfection.
  16. Infinity is made up.
  17. Minimalism is psychedelic.
  18. Design re-designs the human.
  19. You're a product of design.