I try to keep this page updated about my current interests within the peer-to-peer web space.

In the past I've built a few applications that express some of the possibilities of the peer-to-peer web. Although, it was an amazing experience and I'm proud of what I've made, I also see this (focusing so much on making) as a mistake. That's why my current interests have changed from more building to more thinking.


I'm not working on any projects related to the peer-to-peer web.

Previously I've made

  1. Pears ― A peer-to-peer, temporary, collaborative playlist, 2018―2019
  2. present ― Peer-to-Peer text-to-presentation tool, 2018
  3. seeder ― Plug-and-play Raspberry Pi DAT seeder, 2018
  4. ridder ― An RSS reader that you own, 2018
  5. solo ― The simplest publication tool, 2018
  6. orkl ― Super simple peer-to-peer blogging site, 2018
  7. ntain ― Peer-to-Peer file sharing site, 2017

Some other projects on my GitHub.