2019 notes


At the beginning of the year I've set out to stop chasing my productive habbits, mostly out of the frustration of unhealthy eating and a growing reading list. "A year of inputs, instead of outputs", I've said. It hit me as a surprise that, even though I was able to focus on these habbits, February and March were highly productive periods. It was a natural state: I had things to say ― or to make.

But now I'm back on calm, unproductive waters and I feel happy, relaxed and satisfied. That is hard to achieve if you were chasing those productive days for so long. Instead of coming home from work and continue coding until night, I come home, go for a run (if you're interested here's my Strava), cook and read (most days in this order). I've set out easy, but consistent monthly goals that should keep me motivated through-out the year, so I still have some time to work on personal projects if I feel like. Also, on the side, I spend more time with writing, mostly personal notes that will never be published, but together they act as a mirror of my day-to-day thoughts.

Just wanted to note this down, if anyone's surprised why sometimes I'm missing from the internet. The reason is simple: I try to spend more time with observing my inside, instead of the outside.