Tell me what you think


I don't believe in proclamation and that thoughts should just be told. Only through discussion can both parties arrive to a conclusion and understand each other.

Reading forms a particular kind of hierarchy through its uni-directional form of communication and I don't think this can be avoided. The reader is always dominated by the writer, even though writers try to turn this around and present the reader as the one being served. Information flows and if we cannot ensure that some information can move in the opposite direction, a natural up and a below is formed.

This problem is especially present on the internet. Digital tools and platforms don't tend to put enough effort on enabling users to have healthy conversations, therefore, in the large amounts of non-quality content, opinions seem like absolute truths, questioning one's opinion like criticising. On top of this, those who are capable of sharing content are dominating the ones who cannot do this. The peer-to-peer web could provide a solution, but somehow most of the peers belong to the former group anyways.

The personal site with its simplicity and self-expressive kind, is far from a solution. Moreover, it's a very static form of uni-directional communication. This made me think about what could be done here. As I'm also limited by the technical simplicity of this site (I don't want to include Javascript), I've decided to include a small form on the bottom of every entry where you can reach me and tell me what you think. Tell me if I'm wrong, if you agree, if you like or dislike what I wrote.

The form is simple: just a text field, some information and a send button. I want this to feel natural. You don't have to give up any personal data, you're free to decide if you want to share your email address with me to get a response or you want to stay anonymous. Both is fine. Hopefully some nice thoughts come out of these conversations that can be appended to the entry.