In the past month, I've been travelling around with my girlfriend, enjoying our time together as a summer-break in our long-distance relationship.


Are We Human? was a brilliant read, I still haven't digested it fully and I think about it every day. I've started reading Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus, a book famous about its complexity and abstraction and I have to confess, it's really really hard. I generally read less this month, but I have to break through every single page, reading every sentence many times (sometimes even in both English and Hungarian). But I enjoy the ideas in it... a true masterpiece.

I've also stumbled upon The Pudding, "a digital publication that explains ideas debated in culture with visual essays" and I've been exploring the different projects. They're fully open about their data and code, so I send my love to them.

"They are ways of getting a job done. For me, what’s essential is just to put an idea into an idea bucket and empty it, so my brain is free to think about other things. “Jobs to be done” is an unexpressed idea, a void, and this essay is filling it." - Toby Shorin

Toby Shorin's Jobs To Be Done had filled in some voids by putting real words into the empty spaces of some vague thoughts and feelings inside me.


Nowadays I'm exploring the universe of static-sites. I'm not satisfied with the current state of the tooling, so I've been exploring some ways to simplify building them (enoki-build then nanocrane), but they still don't provide the flexibility and modularity I would like to have, while still maintaining a simple, general API. I guess there's more work need to be done here. Or a void that needs to be filled.

~ August 2019 / Linz