Super simple peer-to-peer blogging site
<h4><a href="https://github.com/kodedninja/orkl">Github</a> <a href="https://orkl-kodedninja.hashbase.io">Website</a></h4> <p>I wanted to build a peer-to-peer only blog; kind of like the p2p child of Svbtle and Telegra.ph. Fell in love with the idea of a site, which feels the same for the writer and the reader. The only difference is that the writer can change the content and the reader can't. Thanks to <a href="https://datproject.org/">Dat</a>, we can easily decide if a computer is the owner or not of a site.</p> <p>orkl is also 100% dynamic, so it's basically just a bunch of <code>txt</code> files (using <a href="https://github.com/jondashkyle/smarkt">smarkt</a>) = no site generation or building.</p> <h3>Usage</h3> <p>The magic of Beaker Browser is the possibility to fork a site. To get started you can fork any orkl site, but for the sake of simplicity we will use an empty site I've made.</p> <ul> <li>Download <a href="https://beakerbrowser.com">Beaker Browser</a></li> <li>Navigate to <a href="dat://orkl-kodedninja.hashbase.io">dat://orkl-kodedninja.hashbase.io</a></li> <li>Find the &quot;Fork this site&quot; button, click it and fill out with your information</li> <li>Navigate to your site</li> <li>Edit the site's dat.json, adding <code>&quot;fallback_page&quot;: &quot;index.html&quot;</code></li> <li>Read the &quot;How to use orkl?&quot; entry</li> </ul>
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